Phần a closer look 2 cung cấp cho bạn học ngữ pháp về cấu trúc so sánh và một vài cụm động từ theo chủ đề cuộc sống thành thị. Bài viết cung cấp cấp gợi ý giải bài tập trong sách giáo khoa.




Cấu trúc so sánh:

1. Match the beginning to the correct endings.Bạn đang xem: Tiếng anh lớp 9 unit 2 a closer look 2

Nối đoạn mở đầu với phần phần còn lại. 




1. It"s not as

a. Faster than ever.

Bạn đang xem: A closer look 2 unit 2 lớp 9


2, That skyscraper is one

b. To spell better.


3. The exam was

c. Than being stuck in a traffic jam 1


4. Life in the past was

d. Of the tallest buildings in the wood


5, Mexico City is a lot

e. More difficult than 1 expected.


6, Kids are growing up

f. Simple as it looks!


7. Nothing is worse

g. Bigger than Rome.


8. These fun cards will encourage kids

h. Less comfortable than it is now. 



2. Complete the text with the most suitable form of the adjectives in brackets. Add the where necessary. 

Hoàn thành đoạn văn với dạng thích hợp của các tình từ trong ngoặc. Thêm the nếu cần. 

London is one of the (1) the largest cities in the world. It city is a lot (2) smaller than Tokyo or Shanghai, but it by far (3) the most popular tourist destination. London is probably most famous for its museum, galleries, palaces, and other sights, but it also includes a wider range of people, cultures and religions than many other places. Peple used to say that it was (5) the dirtiest city too, but it is now much (6) cleaner than it was. To the surprise of many people, it now has ome of (7) the best restaurant in Europe too. For some people, this makes London (8) the most exciting city in Europe.

Phrasal verbs:

3. Look at the conversation in GETTING STARTED again. Find and underline the phrasal verbs. 

Nhìn vào đoạn hội thoại trong phần Getting Started. Tìm và gạch chân các cụm động từ. 

Các cụm động từ:

to get overto show someone aroundto grow upto be set up

4. Underline the corect particle to complete each phrasal verb. 

Gạch chân giới từ thchs hợp cho mỗi cụm động từ. 

1. The city has recently set up a library in the West Suburb.2. I don’t think that Fred gets on with Daniel. They always argue.3. You should take your hat off in the cinema4. Their children have all grown up and left home for the city to work.5. We were shown around the town by a volunteer student6. The town council decided to pull down the building; as it was unsafe.

5. Underline the phrasal verbs in the sentences and match them to their meaning from the box

Gạch chân những cụm động từ trong câu và nối chúng với nghĩa trong bảng. 

1. You don"t need the light on in here. Turn it off (press the switch) please.2. They offered him a place at the company but turned it down (refuse).3. The doctor wanted to go over (examine) the test results with her patient.4. Once you"ve finished cleaning, you can go on (continue doing) with your work.5. When you come inside, you should take off (remove) your coat and hat.6. The local meeting is on Oct. 15th. Put it down (make a note) in your diary.

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6. Read the text and find eight phrasal verbs. Match each of them with a definition the box.

Đọc đoạn văn và tìm 8 cụm động từ. Nối mỗi cụm động từ với nghĩa thích hợp trong bảng. 

consider ask for (a job) arrive 

put on smart clothes discover continue 

make someone feel happier make progress 

Dress up: put on smart clothesTurn up: arriveFind out: discoverGo on: continueGet on: make processThink st over: considerApply for: ask for a jobCheer sb up: make somebody feel happier.