Developing and deploying large-scale energy storage systems using EV batteries in 2nd life applications

Our large scale energy storage facility using EV batteries in 2nd life applications has been operational since May 2020.

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Deploying EV batteries with our patent-pending EV Pack Storage “EPS” technology, our storage projects are interconnected near load, selling electricity along with grid services.


As of December 2021, our Lancaster project has 8 MWh of storage capacity operational, with expansion to least 17 MWh underway.



B2U’s EPS system enables EV batteries to be directly deployed in large scale energy storage applications in their original pack casing, without incurring repurposing costs.

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Our proprietary and autonomous systems dramatically reduce LCOS compared to traditional systems on a life-cycle basis.

Freeman Hall

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founded Solar Electric Solutions (SES)

Led strategy and acquisitions at Turner Renewable Energy; built the business and sold to First Solar in 2007

Ecos Technologies (cloud-based enterprise software)

Andersen Consulting Strategic Services

BA Duke, MBA Kellogg Northwestern

Michael Stern

Co-Founder & COO

Co-founded Solar Electric Solutions (SES)

CEO of Utility Power Group, and VP of Utility Projects for Kyocera Solar

BS UCLA (Materials Engineering)

Edward Becker

VP of Engineering

Frasca International, head of embedded systems engineering

BS Purdue University (Electrical Engineering)

Andrew Wang

VP of Development

25 years in energy technology, utility operations, development

Director of Development, SolarReserve 2010-2019

BS UC Berkeley (Mechanical Engineering), MS Stanford (Environmental Engineering), MBA Anderson UCLA