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Perfect Game scouts assign a PG grade to all players that are evaluated at a PG Showcase. In order to receive a PG Grade, players must attend a Showcase to complete their full evaluation.
WHAT IS IT? Team Last Played is the team with which the player last attended a PG tournament. It will be updated when the player is rostered and attends with each team.
WHAT IS IT? The maximum speed of the sweet spot of the barrel of the bat during the swing. The sweet spot is 20% of the bat length from the tip of the bat. ON-FIELD IMPACT High bat speed produces high ball exit speed, so increasing your barrel speed is an important goal. Keep in mind that you need to “square up the ball” to maximize your ball exit speed.
WHAT IS IT? The momentum your bat has at impact. Impact momentum is a combination of the barrel speed at impact and the weight of the bat. ON-FIELD IMPACT Increasing your impact momentum directly translates to a higher ball exit velocity. Higher impact momentum means better potential for further hits and higher exit velocity.
WHAT IS IT? The maximum acceleration the bat experiences during the swing, measured in “g’s”. To be clear, acceleration is not how fast the bat is moving; that’s barrel speed. Acceleration determines how quickly you can reach that top speed. ON-FIELD IMPACT More acceleration means that you can reach your max barrel speed quicker. Higher acceleration lets you wait a little longer before you decide to swing, and in some cases means that you can maintain higher bat speed for more of the swing.
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Jesse Duong is a 2022 C/1B, 3B with a 6-0 200 lb. Frame from Cumming, GA who attends Forsyth Central. Recorded 7.23 seconds in the sixty-yard dash. Primary catcher sets high and to the side behind the plate and locks out the front leg on the throw to second base with a quick transfer accurately throwing the ball at 74 mph with a pop time of 2.00. Also taking ground balls at first base showing good hands with a quick throw and release at 78 mph across the diamond. Right-handed hitter steps to the plate with an open stance and a high back elbow with a toe tap trigger showing good barrel control. Duong has a short, compact swing with quick hands and a quick bat speed as he creates good impact and backspin on the ball while working the ball pull side. Great student.
PG GradeFB Velo10 Yard Split60 Time1B VeloC VeloPop TimeExit VeloMax Barrel SpeedImpact MomentumMax Acceleration
Percentile is calculated with your top result against other top results recorded in the same year from players in the same grad year class.


This is the amount of stretch you have between your pelvis and torso when your bat makes contact with the ball.
At bats: 4 Oct 31, 2020 vs. 643 DP Tigers 17U Fletcher
Runs: 3 Nov 04, 2017 vs. Dingers Athletics 13U
Hits: 3 Oct 31, 2020 vs. 643 DP Tigers 17U Fletcher
RBI"s: 4 Jul 22, 2020 vs. East Coast Sox 17U National
Doubles: 2 Jun 16, 2019 vs. Midland Mohicans
Triples: 1 Jun 29, 2020 vs. DRB Elite
Home runs: 1 Jun 14, 2019 vs. Yankees Baseball Club 14U
Total bases: 4 Jun 14, 2019 vs. Yankees Baseball Club 14U
Walks: 3 Jul 10, 2021 vs. Academic Patriots Lovejoy 17U
SAC flies: 1 Jul 29, 2021 vs. 643 Dp Tigers 17u Fletcher
Stolen bases: 2 May 05, 2018 vs. 13U Cincinnati Fury Elite
Hit by pitch: 1 Sep 11, 2021 vs. Richmond Braves 18U American

Inn. Pitched: 4.0 Oct 08, 2017 vs. Bulls Elite
Runs allowed: 0 Jun 30, 2019 vs. US Elite 14U National
Earned runs: 0 Jun 30, 2019 vs. US Elite 14U National
Hits allowed: 0 Mar 30, 2019 vs. 643 DP Tigers 14U
Strikeouts: 3 Oct 08, 2017 vs. Bulls Elite
Walks allowed: 0 Jul 01, 2019 vs. FTB Jacksonville 2023

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