lớn collect money for a particular purpose, especially for a political party, charity (= organization that gives money or help lớn those that need it), etc.:

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They also agreed that each politician would be allowed lớn have one fundraising organization lớn receive political contributions from corporations. Những quan điểm của những ví dụ đã không còn hiện quan điểm của những căn chỉnh viên fundacionfernandovillalon.com fundacionfernandovillalon.com hoặc của fundacionfernandovillalon.com University Press hay của những nhà cấp phép. Other sources of revenue for some markets include annual membership fees, promotional items, fundraising events, sponsorships, donations và grants. On average, three quarters of funding comes from yearly dues, donations, profits on investments, fees for services, và fundraising parties or bazaars. Corporations were restricted lớn solicitations of stockholders và executives; unions were restricted lớn fundraising among union members. The era of the individualistic businessman was over, it concluded, “but the insurance companies, contractors và impersonal property corporations will line up happily into faceless, fundraising consortia of the future”. There is also some use made by charities for fundraising, và by genealogists for research purposes. There is an ever-increasing income gap, which can be bridged only by very substantial fundraising efforts. The police investigate all credible allegations of fundraising for such groups và will take action where there is sufficient evidence lớn do so. Just one salary for one staff member could service the steering group và organise the private sector fundraising drive.

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For example, two local political associations, representing different parties, might be at more or less level pegging—equally successful at fundraising và campaigning. We are, however, concerned about the type of fundraising activities that may appear opportune lớn the trustees.





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