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‘The roster will run alongside the existing in-house design department, BBC Design and Publications.’‘An existing in-house induction programme was adapted for the company"s overseas staff.’‘There"s the increase in in-house publication, made possible by the same lowered barriers.’‘It wouldn"t fit any of the in-house airline publications either, would it now?’‘The National Youth Theatre will make The Lowry its regional base, and an in-house youth dance company is planned for the future.’‘Quota obligations may exist, seems to be the line, but the strength and resources of in-house production teams is his main concern.’‘The in-house blogger has become part of the campaign staff.’‘Their in-house photographer must have taken a snap of me as I helped myself to another one judging by this picture that appears on their web site.’‘Students performing in-house work placement activities are actually developers in residence.’‘The training also included in-house training at the hospital.’‘As a result of the survey a helpline was set up and manned by a group of women volunteers who had undergone a specialist in-house training programme.’‘Once he becomes an in-house lawyer, he loses his independence.’‘In the end the producers decided to go with Plymouth"s in-house department instead.’‘An exhibition of work from the in-house artists continues for February.’‘Each employee receives ten days of training a year, as well as an in-house training and development programme called Jigsaw.’‘That"s why no major newspaper will ever be successful at running in-house blogs: the editors won"t allow it.’‘His current crusade is against big investment banks that use in-house brokers to promote their clients" shares.’‘He joined the firm in early 2002 to manage discretionary segregated portfolios and in-house funds.’‘Here are some tips that can enable your in-house teams to achieve better performance.’‘Yet there are at least a dozen reasons why organizations still prefer in-house application development and deployment.’