From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpursuepur‧sue /pəˈsjuː $ pərˈsuː/ ●●○ S3 W2 AWL verb    1 CONTINUE/NOT STOPto continue doing an activity or trying to achieve something over a long period of time → pursuit  She plans to pursue a career in politics.  Students should pursue their own interests, as well as do their school work.pursue a goal/aim/objective etc  companies that pursue the traditional goal of profits  a campaign promise to pursue policies that will help the poor2 → pursue the matter/argument/question etc3 FOLLOWto chase or follow someone or something, in order to catch them, attack them etc → pursuit  Briggs ran across the field with one officer pursuing him.► see thesaurus at follow 4 PERSUADEto keep trying to persuade someone to have a relationship with you  I was pleased, but somewhat embarrassed, when she pursued me.COLLOCATIONSnounspursue a careerYou have to be dedicated to pursue a career in medicine.pursue an interestAlways encourage children to pursue their interests.pursue a goal/aim/objectiveShe was known to be ruthless in pursuing her goals.pursue your ambitionsDavid left the company to pursue his political ambitions.pursue a policy/strategyThe organization is pursuing a policy of cost cutting. → See Verb tableExamples from the Corpuspursue• After college, Jeffrey said he hopes to pursue a career in medicine.• A good reporter will pursue a story until he or she knows all the facts.• Indeed, the logic of commercialism may lead the enterprise to pursue activities at odds with other government objectives.• The ship was being pursued by enemy submarines.• Similarly, the United Front policy had been pursued despite its damaging effect on the Party.• Carol"s been pursuing him for months.• Filthy-rich individuals apart, the politics of greed makes no economic sense for the wealthy countries that pursue it.• A country abandons the possibility of pursuing its own economic and social policies.• Those who pursue quality management on that basis are doomed to disappointment.• Police pursued the suspect for 20 minutes along Highway 5.• Should people pursue their own happiness at the expense of others?• If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity please sign and return the attached undertaking of confidentiality to me.• The US intends to pursue vigorous programs in space science. Pursue ... Career• We have two sons, one already away pursuing a career and the other about to take A levels.• All of them had pursued careers and then, thankfully, relinquished them.• It showed that only 35 percent of the survey sample intended to pursue careers as engineers in industry.• One goal of the program is to encourage more students of color and from low-income backgrounds to pursue careers in education.• George knew at an early age that he would like to pursue a career in engineering.• You should have pursued a career in medicine.• A physicist by training, Davis never pursued a career in science.From Longman Business Dictionarypursuepur‧sue /pəˈsjuːpərˈsuː/ verb 1to do something or try to achieve something over a long period of timeShe plans to pursue a career in politics.Aptech intends to pursue its goal of becoming the market leader.2pursue the matter/question/argument etc to continue trying to discuss something or deal with somethingIf the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, you might be forced to pursue the matter in court.→ See Verb tableOrigin pursue (1300-1400) Anglo-French pursuer, from Old French poursuir, from Latin prosequi; → PROSECUTE

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