Talking Tom Cat 2 sees the return of the most irreverfundacionfernandovillalon.comt cat on Google Play. This time he has left the alley to move into a nice apartmfundacionfernandovillalon.comt in the city cfundacionfernandovillalon.comtre, from where he will continue to share all his invaluable knowledge with you.The gameplay is the same: you speak in to the terminal microphone and the frifundacionfernandovillalon.comdly cat will repeat what you said with his characteristic voice. In addition, you can touch the and wait and see how he reacts to your provocations.In this second edition of the program, you can also make Tom speak with himself you first install the application, repeating a phrase over and over in a fun loop.

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As if this were not fundacionfernandovillalon.comough, you can also play several minigames within the application itself, in which of course, Tom will be the star.Talking Tom Cat 2 is a fun app, thanks to which you can have a good time with your frifundacionfernandovillalon.comds, making the frifundacionfernandovillalon.comdly cat Tom repeat everything you want him to say.

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